Popular Motor Oil Myths

Generations of vehicle owners often pass knowledge on to others. However, sometimes the information is not correct. Newer automotive models often have different maintenance needs. Learn the difference between real and false. Some people are hesitant to use synthetic oil, as they have heard the fluid causes leaks. However, the latest types of synthetic oils do not damage gaskets or cause harmful engine leaks. Nevertheless, synthetics are not typically recommended in vehicles 15 years of age or older. The intense cleansing properties of the products may pose problems in these cars or trucks.

Certain people are under the misguided concept that oil filters do not need replacing with every oil change. This is not the case. The filter must always be changed at the same time to prevent harmful debris and particles from entering and damaging the engine. If you have any questions about motor oil or oil changes, ask a technician in our service center here at Hendrick MINI.

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