Signs Your Tires Need to Be Replaced

Do you know when your tires need to be replaced? Do you automatically replace them every year or wait until a problem arises? Good tires are needed if you expect a smooth ride with the best possible gas mileage. Come to Hendrick MINI and let us check over your tires and offer tips.

Not replacing your tires when needed can cause expensive damage to parts surrounding the tires. It can also affect the ride your vehicle provides. Here are signs your tires need replacing.

  • Excessive wear on edges of the tread
  • Don’t hold air pressure
  • Sidewall shows cracks
  • Bulges or bubbles on the outside of the tire
  • Excessive wear on the middle of the tire
  • Foreign objects are embedded in the tire.

Whether your tires are still under warranty or you just want them rotated and/or replaced, we’re here to help. Bring your vehicle to our MINI showroom.



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