Comparing Front and Rear-Wheel Drive

When you are out shopping for a new or pre-owned vehicle, you will come across many vehicles that have front-wheel drive. You will also find some rear-wheel drive vehicles. Each of these drive systems has advantages and disadvantages.

At one time, almost all cars where rear-wheel drive. These cars are noted for being easy to drive with crisp handling. The biggest drawback is that rear-wheel drive cars can slip on slick pavement more so than front-wheel drive vehicles. Front-wheel drive does provide better traction. Many people consider front-wheel drive cars to be harder to steer. The drive train in a front-wheel drive can be more difficult and expensive to repair should problems arise.

If you are looking to test drive both front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive models, come to Hendrick Mini located in Charlotte, NC. The sales professionals will be glad to help you learn more about front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles.



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