Are the Summer Tires Better Than All-Season Tires?

Consider these tips brought to you by Hendrick MINI for selecting summer tires this season.

When the heat of the summer arrives, your vehicle will be in a better position to handle the roads with summer tires. The heated roads can be challenging for all-season tires, not so for summer tires. The unique design of the summer tire will grip the heated road surface better and make for easier handling when at higher speeds.

The tread pattern in the summer tire was designed to make driving on wet roads safer. Rain can fall at any moment in the summer, and the treads in the summer tire help move that water from the middle to the sides of the tires so your vehicle will not slide.

Be sure you reach out to our service center Hendrick MINI so we can schedule tire rotation appointments for your vehicle and give us the chance to keep an eye on those treads.

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