TPMS – More Important than You Think!

Fact: More accidents in Charlotte are caused by tire blow outs than anything else aside from various forms of negligence. This is why TPMS (tire pressure monitoring sensors) are a crucial part of auto safety. Thankfully, since 2007, it’s been law for all new vehicles to include them (though they were very common before then).

There are a few things that can cause your TPMS to light up, one of which can indeed be a bit of a false alarm. Nonetheless, if this light comes on, immediate action is required.

Cold weather can cause the aforementioned false alarms because are contracts when cold, reducing the pressure by about 1.5psi for every 10 degrees. In these cases, the light will go off after the tires warm up. However, if they overinflate because warmer weather has expanded the air, let a little bit of air out.

Damage can also cause tires to slowly lose air. Flats aren’t always an instant result from this. They also lose about 1psi of air every month, so do a bi-weekly check of your pressure with proper gauges and if you see indications of more frequent loss, check for damage right away.

To learn more about tire safety, pay our service center a visit at Hendrick MINI today. We’re here to assist.

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