Maintain Your Belts and Hoses to Improve Your Car's Performance

When we talk about cars, we tend to focus on horsepower, comfort or safety features. But belts and hoses are vital to your car and to your driving experience, so let's discuss them now.

Most autos have timing belts. Since every moving thing has a lifespan, you need to pay attention to your timing belt's wear. Look for worn teeth and listen for engine backfires. Your vehicle's hoses move coolant and other liquids throughout the automobile's systems. Made from rubber and metal, these hoses are durable, but they do expire. If you see a crack in a hose, it's time to come see us!

If you want to know more about belts, hoses and other items under your hood, visit us at Hendrick MINI. At our convenient Charlotte, NC location, our experts can answer any question and handle any auto maintenance need.

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