How to Read Motor Oil Viscosity Ratings

Motor oil viscosity is a vital piece of information. The rating describes the flow of oil at high and low temperatures. Today's vehicles need protection in hot or cold weather, particularly when starting. The three-part rating first states the low-temperature flow rating, followed by the letter W, and then the high-temperature flow rating. For example, the popular 10 W 30 describes the low-temperature viscosity (10) and warm-temperature viscosity (30).

Charlotte automobile owners understand the vital importance of motor oil. It must be the proper type, and oil changes must occur before the oil breaks down and fails to protect the engine.

At Hendrick MINI, we are eager to answer your questions about the new synthetic oils, and additives that help maintain your engine. We have a wide range of oils that will meet or exceed your manufacturer's specifications. Please call for an appointment or drop by today.



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