For most of the year in Charlotte, NC, your vehicle can easily and reliably run on all-season tires with no issues. However, as winter draws closer, it's important to understand the advantages of winter tires to know if they're right for you. Here is a basic explanation of the differences in winter and all-season tires provided to you by Hendrick MINI.

All-season tires provide a middle-of-the-road approach between summer tires and winter tires. This means they balance grip, handling, and performance with at least small compromises in each area compared to their single-season counterparts. Winter tires, on the other hand, are made to handle extreme winter driving conditions with ease. They use specialized rubber that stays softer when it's cold, deeper tread depths to prevent snow buildup and special tread patterns to provide extra traction.

Depending on your normal driving habits, winter tires may be right for you. If they meet your needs, you can stop by our service center to have your tires switched out.


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