Here at Hendrick MINI in Charlotte, NC, our team has a goal to help our customers stay safe when they're behind the wheel. We keep their vehicles in optimal condition. A tire rotation is an important service that should be conducted routinely. Read further for additional information about why tire rotations matter.

When you have your vehicle's tires rotated, a service technician will change the position of each tire on the vehicle. Most manufacturers recommend that a car's tires are rotated every 5,000 miles, so many drivers choose to have their vehicle's tires rotated when they get an oil change.

Tire rotations are vital to standard tire care. When you have your tires rotated regularly, wear is evenly spread across all four tires, which maximizes tread life. Even wear across all four tires will optimize handling and traction so that you have more control cornering and braking. Moreover, having your tires rotated will ease the stress of your vehicle's drivetrain and reduce wear on costly engine components.


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