Oversteering and understeering are handling problems that can affect how an automobile maneuvers to different points on the road. If your vehicle has either of these problems, an automotive technician at Hendrick MINI can resolve it.

Understeering happens when an automobile continues to drift straight after you spin the steering wheel. Typically, a vehicle operates this way because its steering system doesn't have a good grip. When a system oversteers, multiple things occurs that affect a vehicle's cornering ability. A car that oversteers can't effectively complete a turn since its back tires produce less grip than the front tires. As a result, an automobile can slide out if a mechanic doesn't make adjustments to its steering system.

The staff at Hendrick MINI can implement procedures to optimize automobiles that have steering inefficiencies. We service steering systems that power new and used vehicles by a variety of brands for consumers in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas.



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