Worn brake pads are quick to alert Charlotte drivers of the need for maintenance. The distinctive squealing sound that the braking system makes whenever worn brakes are depressed is evidence enough for many consumers to seek service. In truth, however, you shouldn't wait for this system to become audibly distressed before paying attention to it. At Hendrick MINI, we want all motorists to know the following strategies for keeping their brakes in optimum condition all of the time.

Have Your Brakes Professionally Inspected When Rotating Your Tires

Tire rotations should be performed at least once or twice each year depending upon the amount of driving that you do. These services provide the perfect opportunity to have your brakes inspected. During this process, brake fluid levels and the overall integrity of the brake lines can be checked, along with all other system components. Once your brake inspection is done, you'll receive a comprehensive report of the mechanic's as well as recommendations for service.

Have Your Brake Replacements Performed With OEM Parts

Replacement projects should effectively restore your vehicle's braking system back to its original pre-purchase condition. In terms of overall value and reliability, this is far preferable to using questionable components supplied by aftermarket entities. To learn more about your car's braking system or to get professional servicing, come see us at Hendrick MINI today.


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