The tires on your car are designed to hold up under great pressures and stresses, but they can only do so when properly mounted and inflated. The good news is, most tires include detailed visual markings on their sidewalls that give you important information. Many such tires have at least eight different symbols, and these represent various dimensions and capacities.

Examples are the letter "P", "W", and "R". In this example, the "R" would denote tire construction style, the "W" would be speed rating, and the "P" would stand for vehicle style which is a passenger car in this case.

These symbols also provide important information about tire air capacities, speed ratings, and load ratings. While these measures may be little-known to the average driver, here at our dealership we can help you to understand this information in detail. Contact us today to begin this process and to give your tires the care that they deserve.


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