Driver's know they have to change their oil at the right time. Many service stations provide a sticker for the windshield that says, "When the odometer reaches 'X' miles, you're due." Years ago, people went for oil changes at the 3,000-mile mark. Today, engines can handle much more. The manual could say 5,000 or 7,500 represents the appropriate mileage duration. And there's also a time duration.

Check the vehicle's owner's manual for the set recommended timeframe. Six months is usually the average duration. Even if you do not drive the car very much during the recommended time duration, the oil should go in for a change.

Oil can't perform its job as intended when suffering from age and exposure. Therefore, even if it doesn't run through a hot engine for thousands of miles, it becomes dirty and loses lubricating its ability. Engine parts then start to suffer wear.

When the time comes to change the oil, there's a place in Charlotte to go. Hendrick MINI has the right service department for you.


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