Tire pressure light illuminated? You may be wondering why your tire pressure is so important and what this means for you. If the warning light has turned on, it's time to check your tires and see if they need more air. Here are possible reasons that could cause the low tire pressure indicator to illuminate on some vehicles:

1. You have a nail or other sharp object in your tire.
2. A tire is leaking air due to a crack or puncture in the sidewall, tread, valve stem, or wheel rim.
3. Tire pressure has dropped due to high temperatures.
4. Low tire pressure warning light is on because of low-quality gas that causes evaporation in your fuel tank.

Your tire's inflation pressure is critical to its safety, fuel economy and performance. The proper tire pressure not only enhances your car's handling but also reduces the chance of a flat tire. Although it might seem like an insignificant detail, the air inside your tires keeps you on the road.


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