Sell You Car in Charlotte at Hendrick MINI

Are you looking to see the market for your vehicle, but aren't sure where to start? Give Hendrick MINI a call, where our team of trade-in assessors can help you find great value for your trade-in. We will guide you through the steps to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle and ensure that you find a solution that gets you back on the road in no time at all. Schedule an appointment today and get the process started!

How Does the Trade-In Process Work?

If you're looking to avoid a private sale, the trade-in process is handled completely by our staff and tailor-made to work with your needs. First, we will take note of your vehicle's condition and ask you for its background to ensure that we understand its history properly. We will also need any relevant paperwork related to your vehicle, like the deed or a Vehicle History Report. Once we have this information, we will provide an estimate of the vehicle's value, which will also be partly based on the current marketplace value for that specific model.

With this value, you can enjoy a variety of MINI options from our dealership that improve your commute and add a quality of life that can't be beaten. Your trade-in will provide fair value towards any vehicle, and we're happy to help you find one that saves you money and offers smaller monthly payments.

The trade-in process is short, simple, and straightforward. Our finance team is happy to help you walk through the steps, but you can also determine the value through our online assessment tool. Simply enter in your information, and it will provide you with your vehicle's estimated worth. You can then stop by our dealership where we will assess the vehicle and ensure that you are getting the best value for your model.

Ready to sell your car in Charlotte? Stop by Hendrick MINI today and get the trade-in process started!